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Saw Palmetto Hair Loss

Nature’s Hair Loss Remedy: Saw Palmetto Oil

If you’ve been look for natural remedies for thinning hair, a balding head, or other troubling results of hair loss, saw palmetto oil is a favorite of naturopaths and other proponents of natural medicine. Many men and women turn to saw palmetto oil in order to avoid harsh chemical treatments or drugs that may cause unpleasant side effects. The good news is that while mostly still viewed as a folk remedy, saw palmetto is now showing promising results in laboratory settings, which helps legitimize its standing as an excellent place to start when battling hair loss.

What Does the Research Say About Saw Palmetto and Hair Growth?

Research has show that an extract of saw palmetto berries may be responsible forblocking 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to its byproduct, DHT. DHT is the culprit that is responsible for most hair loss as we age.  When your hair follicles are exposed to the DHT for an extended period of time, it can shrink the hair follicles. This makes it impossible for hairs to grow and ultimately is the cause of Androgenic Alopecia, also called male or female pattern-baldness, respectively. About 60% of people using a saw palmetto hair loss product in a recent study say they experienced good results after about three months.

If you are a female on any type of hormonal birth control, whether it’s Depo Provera or the birth control pill, you should not use any saw palmetto products. Doing so can cause a hormonal balance that makes your birth control less effective. There are many other natural ways to boost your hair growth, but saw palmetto is not the one you want. You can, however, find many ideas on slowing or replacing hair loss on this website.

How Do I Use Saw Palmetto to Stop Balding or Thinning?

Saw palmetto usually comes in the form of a caplet or pill and can be purchased at your local health food store or pharmacy. Make sure you tell the pharmacist about any medications you are on. For example, if you have any serious health conditions such as a heart problem or a liver problem you should not use saw palmetto due to potential contraindications.

If you’re pretty healthy, taking saw palmetto as a supplement shouldn’t cause any adverse reactions. (If you haven’t been to the doctor for a while, please make an appointment first to rule out any health causes for your thinning hair!) Make sure that you take your saw palmetto supplement with food to help your body absorb it and to prevent any gastrointestinal issued.

Most people take a dose of up to 200 mg of saw palmetto per day for the purposes of supporting new hair growth and slowing the hair thinning process.

What Other Measure Can I Take To Improve My Thinning Hair?

Hair loss can be a very personal subject. There are many products on the market that people swear by, but the truth is that not every solution is right for every person. It’s important that when searching for a solution to thinning hair, you make sure that you are getting the right nutrients to help grow your hair thick and strong. Consider taking a biotin supplement to support new hair growth. You may want to also seek out a volumizing shampoo that contains natural ingredients.

When you’re waiting for new hair to grow, be patient! Depending on what method you use, it may take weeks or months to see an improvement. In the meantime, read up on what works and experiment with hairstyles or accessories, like hats and wraps that make you feel more comfortable. There are many great fashion elements available out there, so have some fun with it.