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Rogaine Hair Loss

Can Rogaine Help You Grow New Hair?

Rogaine is one of the most well known products on the planet when it comes to hair loss.

While not every hair growth product will work for everyone, this is one of the products with the highest success rates. Studies have shown that both men and women who are losing hair saw a difference after using the product for six months. In fact, 80% of men surveyed after using Rogaine said they were able to see a clear difference in their thinning hair.

If you’re already completely bald, Rogaine will not be the product for you. It works best on men and women who recently noticed their hair has begun thinning. If this sounds like you, then Rogainemay be the answer you’re looking for. It’s possible that this product will help you keep the hair you have as well as stimulate hair growth.

How Long Does Rogaine Take to Work?

Rogaine does not work overnight. For most users, it can be used to stimulate hair growth and to slow balding for many years. To get the full effect, you will need to use Rogaine twice a day for at least four months. If you see new hair growth,you will need to be patient If you like the results, you will have to continue using Rogaine to get results. If you stop using it suddenly, you will be in danger of losing any hair you’ve gained back. If you want to keep the hair that Rogaine has given you, it will have to become a normal part of your routine indefinitely.

How Do You Use Rogaine?

Rogaine comes as a shampoo, cream or ointment that must be used twice a day. You will apply it to your scalp. Make sure you read all of the warnings and accompanying information when you use this product. Be careful with spills, too; any skin that is exposed to Rogaine is in danger of growing new hair. Comes with several applicators that you can use to “fill in” any thing areas on your scalp. Make sure you read the directions carefully so you can choose the applicator that’s best for your type of hair thinning.

Never apply Rogaine to an irritated, itchy scalp. If your scalp is inflamed, the drugs in Rogaine could cause even more inflammation, potentially causing hair loss. This can also happen if you use more than recommended.

What Can Help Me Grow Hair Along With Rogaine?

Most people who use Rogaine will also take nutritional steps to stimulate new hair growth. One great way to do this is to start out with a biotin supplement, which is essential to strong hair, nails, and skin. A multivitamin with A, B and C may also help you supplement any other nutritional deficiencies you may have.

Hair loss can be upsetting, but there are many treatments available and you can always experiment with new “looks” while you’re trying to grow it back. Remember that good things take time! Four months may seem like a long time, but the fuller, thicker hair you can grow may be well worth the wait.