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Hair Loss Spray

Sprays for Hair Loss: Concealers and Herbal Remedies

When you’re starting to lose your hair, or your hair has started thinning, it can be puzzling to go through all the various solutions. There are creams, shampoos, supplements and even laser wands; all marketed to help thinning hair or lost hair grow back thicker and stronger than before.

Each solution to male or female-pattern balding has its drawbacks and benefits. Some of the products are expensive while other types only work on certain types of baldness, such as hair loss caused by trauma or hormonal balances. The bottom line is that not every treatment will work for every person.

What Type of Hair Loss Treatments Come In A Spray Bottle?

Hair sprays are one of the more novel types of treatment for hair loss. There are actually two different types of hair loss products that come in the form of a spray. Concealers are cosmetic solutions that you spray into your hair. They’re meant to look natural. Some of them are even three-dimensional. (More on that in a bit.)

The other type of hair loss treatment that comes in a bottle is usually botanical spray meant to leave-in. They’re usually designed to help fortify the hair you have and stimulate hair growth. There are a wide variety of formularies.

What Are Hair Spray Concealers?

Hair spray concealers are products that create a sort of three-dimensional effect when sprayed onto small patches or lines of visible scalp. You can also use them to spray your hair to make it appear thicker and fuller. Concealers can be matched to the same color as your natural hair. There are many different brands of concealers on the market, and it’s not heavily regulated, so it’s best to proceed with caution. Many companies claim you can wear their product into the pool, but you’ll want to test it out at home first. Not every company can back up their claims with good reviews or documented results.

If you have sensitive skin, a hair spray concealer may not be the right product for you. Most of the ingredients of concealers are chemical, so there is a good chance of an allergic reaction to the dye or other ingredients. It’s a good idea to shop around and read reviews by real customers before you choose a concealer.

What Types of Nutrients or Herbs Are Used In Nutrient Sprays?

Natural health stores will often sell leave-in sprays that are designed to help your hair remain strong throughout the day. Some sprays will be fortified with Vitamin E and nutrients like biotin, known for creating strong, healthy hair. Others will contain mint, basil, aloe and other natural ingredients straight from the garden. Vitamin E and Aloe have a reputation for healing inflammation on the skin and scalp and helping skin cells rejuvenate. Biotin is an essential nutrient for strong hair, skin and nails. Some people will create their own sprays from tinctures made from saw palmetto and other natural ingredients. Remember to be sparing with these types of concoctions. Use the spray only as directed. Saw palmetto can have adverse effects on you if you absorb too much of it; it can interfere with hormones and birth control.

Balancing Your Hair Recovery Regimen Out

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different solutions to your hair loss, but don’t go overboard with things that you have to apply to your head. Inflammation can be caused by hair product overuse or an allergy to hair products. If you try to use too many hair restoration products at once, it could backfire and actually cause hair loss. This is important to remember when you plan your new hair regimen. If you’re trying out different products, make sure to give each product enough time to work its magic.